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About us!

Is one of the better companies in the Russian travel market. LLC ”Alfa+” has been operating since 2014 and has experienced both inbound tourism.
”AlfaPlus” is the name that all the company’s staff is proud of; it is a recognized quality brand.


It is a project based on advertising and its aim is to develop the company brand and increase the traffic of our guests.
Our goal is to provide the best consulting services in the field of tourism, business and education at the highest levels,
By establishing a system to maintain the mechanism of work.


API integration that you can see it like your website

Search engine that contains more than 17,000 programs, faculty and specializations, within 480 universities.


After choose program, filling application and submit.


View all the details and the status of clients and their requests.


Enables the customer to view the results of the data entered by him, if there any issue


This page has a chat box that you can chatting with the customer


Access to viewing uploads, downloads and a contract between the student and the university



How to Install Our Models On Your Web Page?

After concluding the agreement, we will supply you by special (Embed Code) for your web page company and as sample you can do copy & paste it on your webpage.

Your Advantages Benefit From The Our Service

Moral benefits:

After concluding the agreement, we will supply you by special (Embed Code) for your web page company and

  • Promotion for your website in google Ads and face Ads... and most importantly your company name.
  • All entries that customers will make will be through your website.
  • Development of your website and your company brand.
  • Dealing with a trusted authority registered with the Russian embassies RТО 021946.
  • Support for all period study your Students.
  • The ability of parents to monitoring their Entrant constantly.
  • Support the consulting feature on FAQs.
  • More options for your customer
  • An important point is that you will not waste your time communicating with customers.

    Financial benefits:

  • 100 USD for each student who is fully registered on your site. About
  • About $50 USD each student must payed the required costs through your company.
  • Any money transfer, whether in cash or by credit card, will be without fees. About
  • Our Benefit From The Our Service

  • We’ll be have agents all over the world.
  • Promotion and advertising on our website and brand.
  • About